Happee Aneemals

Our first set of Happee Famlee characters are based on 9 animals.  Each animal has a specific personality with both male and female versions.  Are you able to relate to one of them?

Ben and Betty the Beavers

They are the Crusaders. They like to get things right.


Dave and Daisy the Dogs

They are the Helpers. They like to help others and be liked.

Earl and Elise the Eagles

They are the Achievers. They like to succeed and perform well.

Zip and Zoe the Zebras

They are the Actors. They like to be creative and to be different.

Ozzie and Olivia the Owls

They are the Observers. They are curious and like to understand everything.

Carl and Claire the Cats

They are the Questioners. They are careful and like to be safe.


Mike and Mina the Monkeys

They are the Adventurers. They like to do new and fun things.

Lionel and Lisa the Lions

They are the Defenders. They like to fight for justice and to protect others.

Paul and Patty the Pandas

They are the Peacemakers. They are calm and easy-going.

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