Happee Persona

Happee Persona

Happee Persona is a very informative and impressive app. It can help you in different ways to understand your own as well as other’s personalities and character. You can improve yourself and you can help others to improve themselves by understanding tendencies and compulsions in the personality. So, you can improve your behaviour and enhance your abilities to get along with someone.

You will find 9 personality types in the app with complete description about each of them including the best and worst characteristics. You will also find parenting tips about the personality, tips on how to get along with that personality, and tips on self-improvement.

Following are the 9 personality types:

1. The Crusader
2. The Helper
3. The Achiever
4. The Actor
5. The Observer
6. The Questioner
7. The Adventurer
8. The Challenger
9. The Peacemaker

It’s a very easy app to assess a personality. You will find the following options within the app.

• Quick Personality Check - This is a short assessment for a person aged 13 years old and above. There are only 2 questions to answer in less than 5 minutes. However, take note that this is only an initial assessment and any results coming from this assessment can be validated further by another accurate and thorough assessment such as the Comprehensive Personality Check.

• Comprehensive Personality Check - This is a thorough assessment for a person aged 13 years old and above. There are only 144 questions to answer in approximately 40 minutes.

• Kiddie Personality Check - This is a thorough assessment for children aged 6 to 12 years old. There are only 72 questions to answer in less than 20 minutes. This is best answered by parents and guardians who want to understand more about their kids and wards.

The outcome of these checks will inform you of your indicative personality based on the most powerful Enneagram system used in transformational psychology. For all personality checks, you can either use it for self-assessment or for assessment of others.

It is also very easy to create as many profiles as you want.  You can also choose the user profile by which you want to assess a personality.

The assessments are saved and you can view them anytime. Moreover, you can resume the incomplete assessment process anytime. You can also take multiple assessments of the same user.

Following are the key features of the app:

• Fun, exciting and informative
• 9 different personalities with tips to improve and interact as well as details about motivations and compulsions
• Multiple user profiles
• Options to disable sounds and background music
• Keep record of assessments
• Simple UI and UX
• Easy to complete personality test

Note: Future updates are coming soon with more features and more description about the personalities and their tips on how to self-regulate compulsions and to show your best self.

Download now and start knowing personalities in a better way to improve yourself and to get along with others ☺

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