Happee Connections

Happee Connections

Happee Connections is a wonderful social networking app that has only one purpose – to help people in building lasting relationships! Join a community of users that are making the right connections, enjoy effective communication with your loved ones!

Nowadays, people say that human relationships are fading away because of technology. Social media apps only allow a lot to like, dislike and comment, but where is the meaningful connection and friends communication? Happee Connections is a unique social networking app that will help each relationship grow stronger by encouraging real, meaningful feedbacks and conversations. It can help you in building a lasting relationship or even in saving one. Happee Connections is connecting people in the right way!

Build meaningful relationships with the best connect app in the world! Happee Connections is the easiest way for relationship building and effective communication. It’s like no other social media app – you can communicate with people that matter only to you! Focus on the right person, enjoy effortless friends communication and create your own personalized profile. Enter your info, share your favorite interests and activities, and create a common action you want to do and track together with your connected party!

Supporting multiple languages, our social networking app is here to improve the way you communicate with people. It combines different, powerful features that aim to help relationship building. Connect with friends and inspire action, enjoy secure, private and effective communication with the people you care about!


✔️ Secure - your data is secured following industry's authentication best practices for your peace of mind
✔️ Connections - unlike other popular social media platforms, we don't recommend friends; you choose who you want to connect with so you can focus on the right person to improve your relationship with
✔️ Info Sharing - you can choose which info to share with each connected party like your interests and personality indicator
✔️ Common Actions - you or your connected party can create a common action you want to do and track together
✔️ Suggested Actions - if you need ideas for common actions, the app can suggest actions based on your and your connected party's interests
✔️ Feedback - you can provide feedback at either connection-level, common action-level or both by a simple continue/stop/start approach and a 5-star rating so you can improve connections and existing and future common actions
✔️ Notifications - you can choose which items you want to be notified on a periodic basis (e.g., overdue feedback on connection/common action, missing profile entries, etc.)
✔️ Journey Map - you can see the history of feedbacks from both yourself and the connected party so you can compare and then leverage them to improve the current actions or create new ones
✔️ Easy Deletion - if a connection or common action did not work as expected, either you or your connected party can easily delete it and all related data will be gone instantly
✔️ Multiple Languages - the app is available not only in English but also in Arabic, Chinese, Filipino, French, Hindi, Spanish and Portuguese

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Take your communications to another level and enjoy building lasting relationships!

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